Hopi Divine Mother

Kachina Ha Hai-i Wuhti

Ha Hai-i Wuhti is translated as "pour water woman." This imagery is similar to pictures of Kuan Yin in that both are shown pouring water from a gourd meaning the water of life is poured out to the world. Ha Hai-i Wuhti is also usually shown with an ear of corn in the other hand. She is the Mother who nourishes all beings be they kachinas, humans, sentient or insentient. The Hopis regard her as the mother of all kachinas. Her husband is Eototo the chief of all kachinas and she corresponds in a female role to his position. She is in many important ceremonies such as the Hopi Shalako, the Water Serpent and the Powamu. Ha Hai-i Wuhti is unusual in that she is quite vocal, a rarity among kachinas. Doll carvers make her effigy in the flat form to be the first present that a baby receives. These same dolls are also given to captive eagles. Later dolls in full relief are carved and given to the girls.

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